About Me

ProfSmallHey there, my name is Austin.

This blog was originally started to document the restoration of my old car. Eventually though, I found myself posting thoughts about movies I watched, and just thoughts on life in general. Today, this blog has become an online journal, where I simply share with you what God is teaching me when I find the time. This isn’t a blog which is centered upon one topic, but rather a reflection of what I learn in living life as a whole.

I am a guy who is a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe Christ came to this earth fully God, and fully man, to live a perfect life, and die for all in need of salvation. Which is everyone- but especially me. Because He is my Lord and savior, I strive to glorify Him in all I do. Whether it be working on the job or at home, hanging out with my friends, or anything else I choose to do- it is my goal to direct all glory to Him.  I often fail, but the important part is to get back up again and continue pursuing Him.  He is my life’s focus, and He deserves every part of it.

You won’t find any fancy words, no theological essays, or any professed expertise on any subject here on the Ramblingstone.

You’ll find simply this: my musings, my thoughts, and my ramblings, all based on the cornerstone of Christ.

Just Clay,


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