The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man
The Quiet Man who left us in May 2014

“The Quiet Man”

A Poem By Austin Harrison

There sat a man who said not much,
and knew more than he let on.
Meekness was his constant way,
the Quiet Man now gone.

The warm broad smile upon his face,
came often and with ease.
His chuckling laugh and crooked grin,
displayed with every tease.

More solid than the grandest Oak,
More patient than his time.
Honest candor was his form,
The Quiet Man sublime.

A faithful husband to his wife,
for all their married years.
A wholesome father to his kids,
who quelled all their deepest fears.

A lover of God’s creation
who shared with anyone.
The enjoyment of the Spirit,
when exploring under sun.

While all these things remembered
of him we hold so dear.
The thing which made him special
is silently so clear.

It wasn’t his complexion,
or the family that he raised.
It wasn’t his adventures,
or the people that he praised.

No the thing which made him noble
the thing that made him great.
Was his loving peaceful spirit
Oft found wholesomely innate.

This peaceful personality
so filled with Christian love,
is what made him who he was no- is:
The Quiet Man above.


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