Please, Don’t Act Extraordinary

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Ah the incredible and extraordinary things in this world- The Great Blue Hole in Belize with a 400 foot drop into the earth, The Redwood Forest in California with trees reaching ages of over 2,000 years, and many other places. There are countless insects, birds, and reptiles which we go look at having extraordinary features and abilities. We can look at space and ponder the wonders of a black hole, or imagine the size of of the universe in which we live.

But without doubt, the most extraordinary thing in all of creation, is the only thing God called “very good”. That is, man.  Creation just is extraordinary. According to my understanding, it doesn’t try to be better or more impressive- it just exists. Man however, is the sole creation which has the potential to better himself spiritually and relationally with eternal value. Some of the time however, all that is done is a well played act.

An Extraordinary Standard

Being extraordinary is all based upon a standard. This standard can rise and fall with society, personal values, or even new records/rules. These days, it is so easy to look extraordinary by doing what you are supposed to in work, school, or at church. Basic expectations like getting good grades, showing up on time, or memorizing a bible verse make one look like an extraordinary person…

When in reality, that’s not extraordinary at all. That’s just acting enough above society’s expectation mark, that one stands out and looks impressive. We’ve all been in that boat. In those situations, we aren’t being extraordinary. We are acting for society.  It is so easy to go a little above the bare minimum, look amazing to others, and sit there on our pedestal. Why do we do this? Why do we limit ourselves to what is expected and a little bit more?

I would say, because we have a faulty standard… or we are lazy. Anyone can act extraordinary, not many be and do extraordinary.

Being… Not Acting

Being extraordinary means going above and beyond the call, according to scripture. It takes work, exertion, and struggle. We have to find a standard which is uncompromising and unchanging. Believe it or not, that standard comes from the one who created the person desiring to be extraordinary. It is clear and simple- Whatever you do, Do it for the Lord- not for man. Don’t play the act of doing a just a little above the call, go above and beyond to your limit!

When you constantly do this, keeping your heart in doing it for the Lord, I’d venture to say not only will you truly be an extraordinary person being worked through by the Holy Spirit… But you will also see some pretty extraordinary fruit as well. It isn’t easy to be sure, but as will all things- those worth pursuing are often the most difficult, and most rewarding.

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