The Winner of the Creation Debate


Last night two brilliant minds went at it with the world watching. Watching, to see which idea is more credible- Evolution, or Creation. Both sides were presented very well, and fairly through the course of the debate, and both ideas presented clearly and effectively. In the end though, when it came to declaring a winner, a quote among social media circles has gone around and around… Each side using it to declare that the winner was indeed the person they initially agreed with.  The quote is this:

Moderator: “What would ever change your mind?”
Ham : Nothing.
Nye : Evidence.

In this simple question, we see boiled down the essence of not only the debate, but also the two world views contained therein. For Ham, Creation is an undeniable Truth proven through the world around us and by scripture. He recognizes the fact that Faith is necessary for this belief, and that faith is the core of his belief. For Nye, Evolution is a proven concept. And until something disproves it, that is where his belief will lie. Thing is, Evidence of Creation is hardly conclusively proven through hard evidence. Therefore, he too actually answered nothing- just in a more acceptable way.

Neither man entered this debate expecting to change another’s mind. And I would say 99% of viewers watched with a presupposed, concrete view of how this universe originated.  If they agreed with Ham, they thought he was brilliant and Nye baffoonish. If they agreed with Nye, they thought he was devastating, and Ham ignorant.

See, public debates based upon worldviews and ideas rarely change minds. That isn’t their point. The point of a public debate is to get people talking. Get them thinking. Get them discussing with others about theses ideas so important to humanity. If all one gets out of a debate “Yes! The guy I agreed with was so right!”, then I must say- you completely missed the point. Few things convince a man more of his position than hearing an “expert” he agrees with side with it. The point isn’t in “Who won.” Because there is no winner in something like this.

The point is to find someone who watched and discuss it. To discuss and explore both sides whether you agree with them or not. Specifically, as Christians, to give a defense of the hope we have in us. Not to smack someone upside the head with why they are wrong, but to explain why we hold to what we believe is right. Anyone can tear at another side, but to build up your own? That takes conviction and knowledge- two things which take time and effort.

So whether you were in the Nye Group or the Ham Group. Talk to someone about this topic. Focus on why you believe what you do, and explore why the other side believes as they do. I say the Truth always wins in the end. It is our job to seek it out, whatever your starting point may be.


8 thoughts on “The Winner of the Creation Debate

  1. Returning the compliment ;-)

    One more excellent review from yet another perspective. I was just glad to see that it didn’t devolve into a mud-slinging, name-calling justification for never doing this again. Who knows, if the money was right and the news favorable, there could be more of these debates aired on the future. Good or bad? I don’t know.

  2. Reblogged this on closetoeighty and commented:
    I found this post at a proper time. Today one of my followers in her comments to my post “One Smart Lawyer” accused me in serious sins. It is my opinion that we need to discuss what is the meaning and possible results of debates and also what are rights of each blogger. I reblog this post as a first step in this direction and I am going to continue this topic on my blog.

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