Leadership is… Passion


Think of a passionate person you know. What does he do? Or how does she act? Have you ever talked with them about their favorite project? If you have, I’m sure you remember the meeting, and see just how serious they were about completing the task. Perhaps you were even motivated to join them in some way. Perhaps you were inspired to do something yourself. Or perhaps you just left feeling more alive than when you met up with them.

That, is the power of passion.

Passion is flavor. Without it, there is no energy to get something done, or motivation to share with your teammates. Leadership without passion is like chocolate without cacao. Sure you’ve got the basic ingredients to sell a candy bar, but you’ll be missing that unique flavor that chocolate provides. I’m sure you’ve had a recipe with a “secret” ingredient that just makes things pop. That’s the way passion works. It spreads, encourages, and provides direct to the entire dish. A must, if you are going to make something worthwhile.

Passion is contagious, because it is an energy people share. The passionate man is the memorable one. In every instance of life, we are naturally draw to the person who simply loves what he does. That can look like outspoken enthusiasm, or quiet contentment based on the individual. What is for sure though, when I meet a passionate person about something, I can’t help but start to care about that cause or project too. Not because it means more to me, but because the person makes it look like a worthwhile investment. Good leaders know the beneficial investments, and share their passion with their team to make it a reality.

Passion is purposeful. Nothing will get you going like a good dose of passion. It provides direction, and a way to channel all the energy one might have towards a certain goal. I know when I have something to do, passion makes that “thing” all the more important to me and gives me a reason to complete it. This passion can be found in spiritual convictions, business goals, personal relationships… Pretty much anywhere. If you are passionate in doing something it usually means you know the purpose behind doing it, which gives others purpose as well.

In the end, passion is a must for a leader, but he must be careful not to be *to* passionate, or else you’ll wind up looking a little crazy, and set unrealistic expectations with your team. However, used properly, passion is a powerful tool with which you can add a little spice to whatever your *thing* is, and share a purpose with others as well. Lead Influentially and live passionately.

With me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.
~Edgar Allan Poe~


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