Boredom is a Choice

Source: John Slater/Getty Images

We’ve all heard it before haven’t we? We’ve all used the phrase in the past too right? That short, simple little collection of words expressing our uninterested view of the world…

I’m bored.

While on the surface this can statement appear to be a simple lack of ingenuity, it is in fact a much deeper statement than most ever consider. It is a comment which is demanding of others, detrimental to self, and disgraceful to the God we serve. It is a very serious phrase which I hope you will join me in exploring through this post, complete with alliteration. ;)

The Demands of Boredom

A statement of boredom is not just a FYI or news broadcast, deep down, it is a demand. A demand for entertainment. A demand for interest. A demand for investment of something other than what one is doing at that current time. One is saying “You there, I’m bored, entertain me.” It is selfish and focused entirely upon what that one person wants (and is) at that point in time.  Boredom isn’t Christ focused, it is self focused, and the demanding nature of the mindset is one of the most visible effects of the act.

The Detriments of Boredom

Boredom may also appear in the form of self detriment. Often I’ve seen people say “I’m bored” but not really want to do anything about it. Rather, they are content to just live in their own apathetic and brain-dead state. Wasting their life and time on being bored. Let me be clear- being still for the purpose of spiritual renewal is MUCH different from being bored. So please don’t misunderstand when I say the nothingness of boredom is a detrimental cause. Doing nothing, simply for the purpose of doing nothing, is flawed- as we are not being good stewards of the life we are given. Rather, boredom is contentedness in regressive natures. It does not improve yourself, produce any fruit of benefit, nor does it set you up for success.

The Disgracefulness of Boredom

Perhaps the most reviling fact of boredom however, is not the negative effects it has on others or yourself, but the actions which are a disgrace to God. When you tell yourself, or others you are bored, you’re saying that you don’t have any interest in the life God has given you. That you don’t value the day you have or the life you are living. Considering every moment of life is a gift from God, to me, this is an incredibly serious offense. We may not even have tomorrow to live, and one is spending the time they have now being bored? What does that fruit of boredom say about that person’s heart? We need to always be intentional about the way we spend out time, and being bored is one of the biggest wastes of God’s time out there.

The Destruction of Boredom

It is always easy to point out negatives, while all the more challenging to provide solutions. I and my family combat boredom several ways. How to destroy it completely? That is based on and left up to your own choice. However, when I am feeling like I have nothing to do (not often, but it does happen ;) ) and am starting to feel that feeling of “bored” come on, one of the best solutions is to read. Read scripture if you’ve read all the books in your house. We can never get enough of the bible.

Other great ways to destroy boredom is, if you are tired, to be intentionally still, and know that God is God. This can be through prayer, silent worship, etc. Boredom often comes when we are most tired, which means we need to be still anyway. ;)

We always have a choice in whether to feel and be bored. We also have a choice or to do something productive with your time. God has blessed us with every minute of everyday. Let’s not disgrace that blessing by wasting it being bored, instead let’s use the time to grow in our walk or simple rest in His knowledge. Either way, the choice is ours, and I am of the opinion that boredom is not the best choice we can make. What do you think?

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