20 Tips | How to Present Yourself, for Guys and Gals

Hilarious, yet ironically truthful lists we all should ponder upon. In short. LOL.

Solitaire for Two

Having perused my recent posting history, I noticed a lot of weight. And, since there is always room for ice cream next to the steak, here are the next two lists of twenty I promised;

20 Tips for Guys

1) Axe is not deodorant.
2) Axe does not attract females.
3) Your hair does not look cooler if you use Axe products.
4) Axe literally and figuratively Stinks.
5) Pants have two measurements; a waistline, and an inseam. The waistline on a pair of jeans is the roundish part at the top. Generally that goes on your waist, not your thighs. Otherwise it would be called a thighline. And it’s not.
6) Holes in your jeans communicate two things to the world; you don’t take care of your clothes and you are too lazy or poor to fix them. They do not make you look cool. Because if we thought…

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