Movie Review: Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

Curse of The Black Pearl

After a terrible mutiny, Jack Sparrow is on a mission to reclaim his ship. However, when a certain damsel, Elizabeth Swan,  falls into distress and he rescues her, he winds up in a prison cell. Busted out by an attacking ship, Jack find out that the damsel has been captured, and a secret admirer- Will turner, is dead set on rescuing her. With a new ally, Jack commandeers a ship, gets himself a new crew, and sets out to recapture his beloved “Black Pearl”.

Unfortunately for him, The crew of the black pearl has been cursed with a terrible immortality, and they have no desire to give up the ship, but rather use Elizabeth as a life sacrifice to rid themselves of the curse. It is now a race against time to save Elizabeth. Or is it to recapture the pearl? Or is it to get revenge? Or is it something else entirely? With Captain Jack Sparrow at the helm, no now will know until he does, and he does not know the knowing himself….

Things I Liked

Jack Sparrow is a near perfect allegory of man’s inner struggle to do good/bad. And you know what? It is an accurately portrayed one, because he mostly does bad. Rarely, he saves someone else’s skin. But we see him struggle with those choices in the movie. Sometimes this works out for him, but most of the time it doesn’t. This movie shows man’s inherently flawed nature, and offers no excuse for it.

Will Turner is a respectable young man, ready to do anything for Elizabeth Swan. He genuinely loves her and acts as such. Even when she is cruel and does things to hurt him, he is always forgiving and moves on. He also always keeps his word.

We see the result of theft and deception being a curse of immortality without feeling. Such decisions result in an entire crew being alive in the mind, but trapped inside of dead bodies. A terrible torture and punishment for greedy and immoral actions. We heard of a man who stood up for what was right, and dies for it.

To be honest, the script and story are incredibly witty, funny, and well thought out. The story contains plenty of twists and poetic justices which work well with the rough and tumble feel of the movie.

Things I Didn’t Like

In the port of Tortuga, you might as well call it pirates Las Vegas. There is much shown in the ways of immorality, yet much not shown to keep the Rating at a lower level. Many pirates get drunk and brawl with each other. Women with much exposed cleavage dance with open dresses over drunk pirates heads.

The cursed pirates are shown to be normal humans by day, but rotted out beings by moonlight. The creepy skeletal figures kill many british soldiers with swords, shots, etc. They are gross, disfigured, and can’t be killed. We see one curse pirate’s arm torn off, and anthers head broken off- yet they still fight and fix themselves. This results in immense death to whomever they attack. Bloody is rarely shown. Rather choosing to focus on the sounds of hacking, slicing, and other means. One person’s hand is sliced open, a few men are hit on the back of the head bottle style.

The D- word is used, and another inappropriately uses the word “bastard” as an insult.

All the characters lie and deceive each other to achieve their own ends.

Closing Thoughts

 The only rules that really matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can’t do.
~Captain Jack Sparrow~

Sometimes you come across a movie where there is no “hero” No person you can root for with a good conscience. Where all the characters are out for themselves, and the result is a mess of death, lies, deception, and (in this film’s case) humor. That’s the corroded beauty of the Pirates of the Caribbean Series, and this film in particular. It displays real people- not glamorous superheroes dressed up and saving the world. Sometimes, yeah it is nice to see super characters like that. But to see actually people struggling against each other, because they all want what is best for them, is an incredible witness and testimony to the uselessness of man’s struggles.

As the first in a series to an epic climax, The Curse of the Black Pearl focuses on showing the negative results of selfish choices, rather then the benefits of making good ones. A unique twist, seen from an illegal perspective. There is much material that is indeed scalliwagish. And the Curse of Cortez is something most gruesome.

So to watch to not to watch? It all comes back to leverage. This movie can be taken as a pointless, dark, and violent pirate comedy at a moments notice. However, it can also be leveraged as an excellent film demonstrating, through shown examples, the folly of man and what selfishness will do to an individual. It is a complex film for mature minds and hearts. Savvy?

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