Movie Review: The Rookie

The Rookie Wallpaper 1

Every since Jim’s college injury, he has given up his dream of pitching for the MLB. Instead, he works as a high school baseball coach, with a dying team of non committals and low funding. After one terrible loss, Jim challenges them to change their attitude. They reply with a challenge of their own. If they win the championship, Jim has to go try out for the MLB again.

He takes them up on their deal, and incredibly, they make it through and win the series. Now Jim, a 40 year old Father of two, has to go and retry out for a position he let go of so long ago. But hope brews inside of him, that maybe- just maybe, he’ll get a call.

Things I Liked

“I’m talking about wanting things in life … having dreams. If you don’t have dreams, you don’t have anything!”
~Jim Morris~

Jim is a impressive example of what a father, a husband, and a coach should be. He is wise in his actions, humble in his demeanor, and loving towards those he cares for. When he is on the road, he calls home and helps his son with his homework. He talks for hours with his wife. We see him heartbroken working away from his family, because that’s where his heart is. His wife is amazing as well, as she supports him through the difficult financial times and never criticizes once a decision is made together. The picture of a family in this film is remarkable admirable. It isn’t perfect, but it is selfless. Both are willing to give all for the other, and that’s something worth commending.

As a coach, Jim turns several young mens live’s around due to his influence as a leader, not a screamer. He challenges them to raise their standard, or upset expectations. To dream big. Now, what’s best about this, is we see him also say that without hard work, nothing will happen to those dreams. Through immense amounts of practice and work, the team comes together and pulls out a championship. The Rookie tells us without hard work, dreams don’t happen.

Jim also is forgiving of his father from some past wrongs done to him, and keeps the big picture of the “Why” he is doing what he does constantly. It isn’t for himself, but for his family’s financial freedom.

Things I Didn’t Like

A few profanities of the D- word. God’s name is taken in vain.

Closing Thoughts

You quit. You quit out there. You quit on me and, worse, you quit on yourselves. Now, what is it? You think we don’t care about baseball around here? Think the school’s gonna drop the program? You’re just making it easy for ’em. Sad part is, I see it and you don’t. ~Jimmy~

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to decide whether or not they will truly pursue their calling (or dream- depending on how you phrase it). Jim’s calling is baseball, and we see him attempt to go pro early one, fail, and settle for a high school coaching position. Then he has the opportunity to pursue the MLB once again, and he takes it.

Like the team he coached, in many ways, Jim had quit on himself, his goals, his dreams. Shrouded in the terms of “practicality” “affordability” and “Economical”, it was Jim’s wife who pulled him out of that mindset and put him back on the track to reaching his goal.

This movie is very nearly a “perfect game” in every way. We see the importance of hard work to accomplish your goals, strong family values, and individual sacrifice on both sides.  Every pitch Jimmy is thrown results in him handling it well and like a true man of his house. And the resulting rewards are indeed great. Whether you like baseball of not, The Rookie tells an excellent story of lasting value. It is a worthy addition to any family’s collection.

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