Movie Review: Equilibrium


In the future, man has found a way to end all wars. It has found a way to resolve major social disputes. It has found a way to live, for the most part, in perfect harmony. How you ask? Simple. They just suppress their emotions. Through the institution of the Tetragrammaton Council, all items that inspire emotional content are banned. Rated “EC” for emotional content. The Tetragrammaton have one job- to rid the world of all art, literature, and otherwise inspiring materials. They also serve as law enforcement against the would be rebels.

This “underground” persay, consist of the people who reject the idea that the emotion eliminating drug- Prozium, is better for society. So the Tetragrammaton hunt these people, and when they find a group, eliminate them without second thought.

John Preston is the best of the best in the Tetragrammaton Council. A ruthless hunter and master of the pistol, he is esteemed in the world. However, one day he captures a woman in the underground, and is influenced by her emotion. He misses a Prozium treatment, and he discovers what it is like to feel. In this way, Preston must choose which is better- to live without emotion, or to feel and suffer the consequences.

Things I Liked

When preston sees the flaws in the ruling government, he begins to sacrifice everything he has to over turn it. All of his power, prestige, and safety he puts into jeopardy in order to stop the ruthless practices the Tetragrammaton Council has implemented.

We are shown that emotion is not such a bad, thing, but rather the lack of control of emotion is what is flawed.

Things I Didn’t Like

Many people are gunned down when found they are Offenders. We see Preston shoot many men with deadly accuracy from his two guns. A man’s face is sliced off. And we hear a group of dogs being executed as well. Blood spray is present.

The F word is used twice, as well as the D word occasionally.

Closing Thoughts

Without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock ticking.

This Post-Apoloypic Sci-fi flick went relatively unnoticed when it was released back in 2002. This could be because of the lack of star studded cast or because of the somewhat cheesy special effects. It is so incredibly similar to the matrix in the gun scenes it is laughable at times.

But production value aside, Equilibrium surprisingly delivers a compelling and unique story. We are shown what happens when man tries to alter himself from God’s original standard, and we see the negative consequences of living as such as well.

Equilibrium is truly about finding a balance in ourselves. We are shown both extremes of emotion vs no emotion, and told the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And balance, is something to which we all can relate.

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