Movie Review: Planet 51


Welcome to the 1950s- green alien edition. That’s right. The clothing, the backyard parties, and the music… All pulled right from our 1950s America. They live in peace with each other, enjoying the life an alien leads on its planet. Completely confident and secure in knowing they are alone in the universe.

That is save for one ET named Lem. He has a fascination with the stars, and aliens (i.e. Humans) who could live in other worlds. So imagine his joy  and fear when a human lands in his backyard. The people panic, and it is all Lem can do to save this unsuspecting astronaut from the mob of his planet.

Things I Liked

Lem believes the Alien from earth is not a hostile creature, and does everything in his power to protect him. As he does, he gathers some friends who also join in protecting the Earthling. Against all odds, they stick by their belief.

Things I Didn’t Like

This movie is so full of potty humor I can’t even being to list the amount of jokes told. When the Astronaut is caught and stripped of his suit, his sheet falls off and we hear an alien quip “that’s a weird place for an antenna”. The pet dog pees on many things. Comments are made in relation to… relationships. And the list goes one.

The slapstick “Humor” is also prevalent. We see aliens shot with stun guns, they run into things, falling all over the place, and general mayhem ensues. The obligatory crotch shots are there too.

Language consists of many substituted words. Frikkin, what the duck, and other derogatory comments are thrown out.

Closing Thoughts

You’re a great planet, and your 50’s are fine, but give me a call when get to the 60’s, ’cause that’s gonna be fun. ~Captain Baker~

To be honest, I didn’t want to watch or review this film. Seeing the directors and producers involved with Planet 51 lent me to believe the content would be stale, and the story cliche’. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we found. A movie packed to the brim of crude humor, crass jokes, and an dumb amount of  innuendo.

Yeah, we see Lem fight to keep Captain Baker safe. He loses his job, some friends, and respect. I’ll tip an antenna to that.

But with that being pretty much the only thing of benefit in this hour and a half waste of life. These 50’s are most defineltely not fine, nor fun. The rest of the film is a planet full of immature potty humor that leaves us with a launch that never should have happened. Or at least, cancelled in mid flight.

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