Movie Review: The Lorax


“I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees!”

To be honestly honest
and perfectly blunted
I must say this movie
is most awfully stunted

The Jokes are all crude
and punch lines most whimpy
The story is weak
and originality iffy.

Boy’s dreams of a girl
and kissing her softly
Show up unexpected
in this film so quite oftly.

Couple this content
with messages preached
of plant loving, tree hugging
brain cells being leached.

The Lorax may speak
for the trees its quite true
But so much is added
one misses the hue.

Of the Sessusian wonder
Which as kids captivated
our senses and minds
when the story so stated.

But this work universal
fails so quite badly
It ruins the whole book
telling us sadly.

That nothing’s worth anything
Except for of course
Acting bravely and dumbly
for a girl with much force.

That business is greedy
and trees are all good
and rules must be broken
if you feel that they should.

Yes this movie fails in so many ways…
I wonder if ever we can limit its days.

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