Movie Review: 2012


Well, this time, it is happening. The mayans saw it coming, and a few men know about it too. 2012 brings the end of the world. It is an inescapable fact due to some internal tummy problems the earth’s core has. In secret the governments start preparing for the end, while the rest of humanity remains clueless.

This includes one  family who is a typical american one. Jackson and Kate have divorced, and through incredible divine intervention, Jackson discovers the impending doom from a californian hippie living in Yellowstone. He learns the only hope of survival is to get to the ships all the governments have been secretly building in preparation for the day. It is a mad race to the location while the world is collapsing under them. And time is not on their side.

Things I Liked

Even in this terrible time of entire cities being consumed in an instant, acts of valor and sacrifice are seen everywhere. There are countless of examples of people giving up their life to try and save those they love. One man gives his life for his son, another flight attendant gives up their life for the safety of the crew, and the military of course shows incredible acts of service. Even the president chooses to give up his seat on the ship to care for and encourage the remaining people in DC. One way he comforts them is through the reading of Psalm 23.

There are some very positive values shown on the importance of family. Through this disaster, Jackson and his family begin to come back together in an effort to get all of them to survive. It is shown that having a family is a blessing.

We see other short clips of people making things right with others throughout the film. A son calls a dad and apologizes for his life. We see a mother resolve things with her daughter. An officer lets people onto a ship when he is not allowed to, because he reasons if there is room, why be cruel and keep them from joining the ship?

Things I Didn’t Like

Since 2012 is an apocalyptic tale, we see virtually all of humanity destroyed. Cars crash violently, we see buildings collapse with people inside, planes crash, ships are tossed and sunk, trains are thrown into the air… and so forth and so on. Some main protagonists die through drowning, falling, being ground up in massive gears, etc. While none of these scenes are gory or bloody, you are left more with an intense feeling of loss, rather than the gritty feeling of seeing a war movie. There is no doubt you see 5+ Billion people die in every conceivable means.

Cursing is explicitly profound in this movie. Every single popular curse word of the english language is used several times. God’s name is taken in vain over twenty times.

There is minimal sexual innuendo and talks about where Jackson and Kate first made love.

Closing Thoughts

Six months ago, I was made aware of a situation so devastating that, at first, I refused to believe it. However, through the concerted efforts of our brightest scientist, we have confirmed its validity. The world, as we know it, will soon come to an end. ~President Thomas Wilson~

2012 is tragic, yet optimistic, in the face of the end of the world. We see, quite literally, entire populations destroyed in a blink of an eye. Yet amidst all of this pain, death, and destruction we see this constant hope and service to another in the small about of people the movie chooses to focus on. Showing us that while we are self centered, there are times where people rise above that, and work for the benefit of all. Sadly, those times often come through tragedy and loss.

While definitely not an enjoyable movie by any means, 2012 is definitely worth appreciation of one message it portrays the most clear of anything else- that is, the end of the world is not a joke. And that a worldwide flood is a sickening thing of death. One thing that irks me is how the story of Noah has gone from a judgement on humanity, to a story of a boat trip with animals. We see these happy pictures on nursery walls, and the cute books in the nursery. We completely miss the point of what the flood was. It was worldwide and left only eight survivors. It was violent, destructive, and void of any hope of survival.

In a way, 2012 is a needed film demonstrating the absolute horror of a worldwide destructive flood, and hat’s what it so painfully, yet truthfully shows. So is the cursing of desperation, the deaths, and the sacrifices in any way enjoyable to watch? No, they aren’t. I will say though, if a few more people watched this movie with the flood in mind, they just might start to understand what God actually did in the book of Genesis, and how grave a matter it truly was.

And that’s where the value of this film lies. Not in the amazing CGI, not in the sacrificial characters, and not even in the positive views of family. But unapologetically showing what a world pummeled and consumed by water looks like. It isn’t light, it isn’t cute, it isn’t funny. It is death. Perhaps seeing this film will put to death the humorous concept of the flood in christian circles, or perhaps is won’t. What is will do, is change the way you read about the Flood in Genesis, making so you’ll never have the perspective you used to have again.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: 2012

  1. I saw this film in theaters when it first came out and one thing that really irked me was the fact that it used a flood as the method of global destruction. Albeit, it did display a worldwide flood in a catastrophic way, but I was bothered by how it blatantly it disregards God’s promise in Genesis to never flood the entire earth again. God promised that He would never destroy the world through floodwaters and that’s just what this film shows. That, plus the rather shallow characters, left me unimpressed.

  2. Nice review Austin. Yeah, this was a dumb one for sure. However, I’ll give the movie some credit for at least trying its hardest to be the most exciting, fun thing on the planet. But that script just tears it down. It really does.

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