Movie Review: Now You See Me

The Four horsemen. Four street magicians gathered together to pull of the greatest heist of all time. First they rob a bank in France, while performing in Los Angeles. Then they fill an audience’s bank accounts with all the insurance money they feel owed. Now, the third act, is one of immense proportions like no one has ever seen. The FBI is after them, but who can stop anyone who is always two steps ahead of someone who thinks they are never behind?

No one, save for the man who knows very trick in the book. Problem is, this is a new chapter being written before his eyes. Look closely, but while Now you see me… you blink, and it will be all over. For Good.

Things I Liked

While I try to come up with positive thoughts toward any movie based on merit, character, or messages. I can ultimately find only one- That is, a man becomes so prideful in what he thinks he knows, it destroys him.

The special affects in the movie are quite impressive, and the magic tricks shown are very polished and creative.

Things I Didn’t Like

The Magicians, FBI, and other actors in the film are all not worth rooting for. There is no one cause or person we can rally behind and support on any kind of biblical basis. Every single person is out for themselves, which makes for a messy film indeed. Even when the FBI agent knows who the criminal is, they refuse to take them in.

In an early scene one magician is seen making out with a girl he did a magic trick to on the street. This quickly escalates into lingerie being shown and passionate kissing. That is, until the magician sees a card on the table, and the moment quickly ends. Other magicians use numerous crude comments an innuendo ranging from unmentionable bodily functions to full on comments about lovemaking with the one female magician. The girl magician also wears inappropriate revealing outfits, and shakes her body to draw attention to certain parts.

There are dozens and dozens of profanities in the film. Easily two dozen S words, ten plus “A” words, Other foul language includes both D words. God’s name is used in vain multiple times, and hell is used out of context. Christ’s name is also abused. A guy flips another off with his finger.

As far as violence goes, there is a car crash on the highway, several hand to hand fight scenes using magic props as weapons, and one FBI agent slams another onto a bar to prove a point.

Closing Thoughts

What is magic? Magic is deception, but deception designed to delight, to entertain, to inspire. It is about belief. Faith. Trust. Without those qualities, magic as an art form would no longer exist. But what happens if these qualities are not used for their higher purpose? And instead they’re used to cheat, lie. For personal gain, or for greed? Well then it’s no longer magic. It’s crime. So tonight, for our final act, you’re gonna help us set a few things right. ~The Four Horsemen~

“Now You See Me” is yet another tale of stage magic gone wrong. Four members, coming together, to do one thing. And that is to steal. The irony of the above quote, is that while they say they set things right, they ultimately fail in their own defined higher purposes of magic. Not that they would care, as their morals are as solid as freshly mixed jello.

There are so many unethical, reprehensible, and objectionable actions in the movie, there is hardly a best place to start. There are no higher causes, no commendable moral choices, and no praiseworthy heroes. Simply a group of people, using magic and others involved, for their own personal gain. That gain is money for some, fame for others, or revenge for another.

Through misdirection of incredible special affects and rather impressive magic tricks, “Now You See Me” tries to pull a slight of hand in the message of the film. It isn’t about faith, magic, or exposing frauds. It is about how one can best trick another to get what he wants. These magicians simply do it through extravagant means. The only thing to really see here, is that, once you learn the trick, it is a big cheat.

And that’s exactly what this film is. A really big, superfluous, and immaterial cheat. “Now You See Me” is better off not seen ever. And I say that with nothing up my sleeve at all.


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