Movie Review: Napoleon Dynamite


Napolean is the quntiessential person weirdness in his school. He dreams in his own world about Ligers, girls, and harmless mischief- which he fails to implement. He also has some friends: Pedro- A near guy who has virtually no people skills, but decides to pursue class president. And his Brother, who stays online all day, makes the internet bill go through the roof, and has met a girl online whom he will soon “engage”.

One day Napoleon decides he wants to invite a certain girl to a dance, but can’t because he has no way to make her interested. Pedro suggests drawing a picture. So he begins drawing, and the everyday boring life of Napoleon Dynamite continues…

Things I Liked

Pedro and Napoleon constantly face teasing and mocking wherever they go. They are in the kindest sense- nerds of nerds, and are to be honest, quite easily mocked. They don’t become bitter, or angry, but rather determined to finish what they started as well as they can. They also have a quite strong bond as friends, and support each other in good and bad times.

Things I Didn’t Like

Napoleon habitually lies about where he was, what he did, or who was his girlfriend. He dreams big (though the dreams aren’t really that big) but lacks the initiative or passion to accomplish anything of merit due to his lazy and apathetic attitude.

Napoleon also uses “Fake” curse words dozens upon dozen’s of times to try and get his point across. Gosh, Freakin’, etc.

Apparently slapstick humor was the item of choice when pursuing humor in this movie. Napoleon is slammed into a locker, gets a steak thrown into his face, get a shot to the groin while biking, and more. Kip, his brother, doesn’t fare much better- he gets beat up in Karate school, electrocuted with a fake time machine, and other random things.

A cow is shot in front of a group of school children.

Closing Thoughts

This is pretty much the worst video ever made. Gosh! ~Napolean~

As one of the most commonly quoted movies of the 21st century, when someone said I had to watch this because it was SO funny and meaningful.. I obliged to do so. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The above quote napoleon said when watching a homemade film, but fits here too. Call me weird, but I did not find this movie funny in the least.

The premise of “Napoleon dynamite” Is one of a typical stand out in a high school, and not caring about it, or anything else in the world. Motivations and desires are incredibly shallow, and relationships based on what you can give to the other person. Napoleon has so few friends because he is in fact, quite unlikeable- and at times mean. And he is fine with that. He lies about where he has been or what he does. He isn’t really trying to succeed in anything,  and doesn’t seem interested at all.

The gags, and other humor is forced to the point of boring or just painful to watch. Napoleon’s and his comrades’ dumbness is exploited to the max for some cheap laughs- which don’t really come at all. The movie is painfully reflective of Napoleon’s character. It is a Lethargic cheap shot which lacks and passion, motivation, or humor. When someone informs you that you have to see this movie…. Know, you most definitely do not.


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