Listen to the Rain

Heavy Downpour

Constant rainfall could quite possibly be one of my favorite noises. The hushed washing of each droplet onto the ground, multiplied by a thousandfold creates a unique sound which is calming, and restful. The fresh smell of the water and the aftermath creates a refreshing deep breath to breath until the sun takes it away. The rolling thunder across the sky, sometimes soft and low, and other times angry and sharp provides a bass like nothing else.

A rainstorm is, in my opinion, of of the most relaxing and incredible pieces of work in creation. They are common, yet so taken for granted.

Next time one rolls around- Step outside, close your eyes, and listen to the rain.


3 thoughts on “Listen to the Rain

  1. Rain storms are my favorite kind of weather, to be sure. We don’t have them often enough in southern CA to suit me, and those white noise machines with the “rain” option just aren’t the same as the real thing. ;) Anyway, I really enjoyed this post… even though it has made me start yearning for rain even more than usual. Thunderstorms are certainly something to be thankful for.

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