The Path of My Degree: It Is Finished

March 2013- I set the pencil down in the Library testing center. With 5 min to spare, I had put my last period on my last sentence of my last paragraph of my last test in my degree.

I walked to the Librarian, internally jubilant and confident of passing the test. I signed the forms, paid the fee, and walked out of the library feeling like a new man. I was free. Free from college Deadlines. Free from expensive courses. Free from College.

I was free.

I worked in the afternoon at my job, per usual, and I was so excited I told everyone who would listen. Four years (off and on) of my life and the fruit was complete- given I had passed. I knew I had passed. I just knew it. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I look online and the score says passed, and that (After a few administrative hiccups) they were processing my degree.

It is a weird, wonderful feeling- not having any studies to do. God had already provided me an incredible job, so there was not even any transition from college to work. I jumped headfirst into 8-10 hour days. Mom and Dad were moving away with the family, so I started renting the old house, and even focused in on working more on my car.

College Was over, bachelorhood had begun. And I’m still loving every second of it. ;)


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