Please, Don’t Be Yourself.

Just going to share a quick experience about a common theme the world tells us today. A while ago, a person talking about many life choices they had made, and all the bad things which resulted in those decisions. Financially, personally, and physically. They ended the story with- “Well, that’s just who I am, so it works I guess.”

I want to plead with you today- please. Don’t be yourself. We, as humans, as flawed creatures. Scripture tells us over and over we are obsessed with ourselves, and in that, utterly lost in our actions. Without Christ, ourselves will destroy each other. Think of the various literary works, both ancient and modern, which display this. The book of Judges in the bible- where there was no ruler and the people did as they pleased. The story of Narcissus, where he fell in love with himself and ultimately died. In fact, greek mythology is full of similar stories. The Little mermaid (the real version- not disneyified), who gave up everything because she felt she was supposed to be human for a prince- ultimately dies.

The list could go on for ages where we see people pursuing their own desires. Being themselves and embracing their human desires…. Always winds up in a terrible ending. Why is the world encouraging this? Because Satan is the master of all lies.

So I guess I’ll sum this up with this thought. The world tells everyone to “Be yourself” no matter what adverse affects it has on others. No matter how destructive yourself is. No matter how painful you make it to live your life. In contrast, the Bible tells us to die to ourself. And in doing so will live a life glorifying to Christ, which results in fruit that is a blessing to all whom we come in contact with.

Seems to me, the best option is pretty clear.


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