The Midwest Gathering – Friday

Solitaire for Two

Yeah, I’m not posting daily. Once or twice a week will probably be my normal blogging routine, I just wanted to get a little ahead of the curve with the remembrances. ;)

Anyway, now I’m going to tell you about our mornings (or evenings depending on the day). Throughout the week we focused on two of Bill Jack’s videos, Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People and Simple Tools for Brain Surgery. If you have never seen these videos or heard these lectures, I highly encourage you to look into these, along with Ways of the Wizard versus the Ways of the Wise Man. (links at the bottom of the post)

Bill Jack an apologeticist who uses questions in order to make others think about their beliefs in order to present the gospel. In Simple Tools for Brain Surgery, he outlines the method he uses to do this (I’ll post…

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