Midwest Gathering Recap: Tuesday

The Tuesday morning sun rose officially starting an amazing week of fellowship and memory making with old and new friends. We had all talked previously on a G+ hangout call, and decided together that this day we would just hang out around the house. So Hang out we did.

It started off with breakfast and a devotional. We all watched Bill Jack’s “Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People” video and lecture. The video went into detail the reasons why people reject scripture as the sole moral and eternal authority of their live. After the video, I asked some questions to see if anyone had experienced those rejections of the scripture from people they knew, and several had. It was enlightening and encouraging to share in struggles, yet also explore solutions to those problems.

The devotional lasted quite a bit longer than anticipated, so as soon as it was finished, I headed off to pick up one last straggler to the gathering from the airport. A few friends went with me, which made it much more fun. After we picked her up, we drove down to Chipolte to meet up with the rest of the group and enjoy a flavorful lunch we all could feel good about eating. It always amazes me how fast those workers can get orders out with each meal being entirely custom.

When we made it back home, the Frisbee was broken out and an afternoon of games commenced. The teams were rather uneven the first few rounds, but after we moved some players around they became much more evenly matched. This resulted in some excellent and challenging games which everyone enjoyed. As if frisbee wasn’t enough, after an hour or so of that game a soccer ball was produced, and we all played some pickup soccer. It had been the first time in years I had played soccer. While it isn’t my favorite sport by any stretch, I enjoyed the laughs and playing with friends.

Before supper, we played an improve game called freeze. Some people did some pretty funny things. Supper arrived all to quickly in the day, and we had an excellent meal of mexican lasagna, homemade ice cream, and cookies for dessert. There was another campfire going, so a few of us stayed up quite early just talking and being together. It was one of the best moments of the day and a great way to end it.

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