Midwest Gathering Recap: Monday

Going a little more Personal route today with the Blog posts. In essence, I’ll be telling you all about last week- which was spent with some pretty amazing CollegePlus friends from all over the Nation.

It all started on Monday. I had driven up from my house the night before to help out with final preparations, which were many. In the morning I drove back to my house in dad’s truck to pick up my two dogs, as they needed caring for during the week. Once I got them back to the farm and squared away, we all ran around putting finishing touches on a 800 square foot addition we had built over the summer. Door handles, moldings, shades, and more were all put together and fixed in place as a final preparation for the people coming in.

After I got done as much as I could, I left to pick up two C+ers from the airport around noon. While I was gone, mom and the rest did a cleaning of the house incredibly fast. When I got back with the two folks, the house, quite frankly, looked amazing. Some people had already arrived, so the gathering officially had begun.

As the afternoon wore on, more folks arrived with excitement and great happiness. Some we had met before, and some we hadn’t ever met until then. It was a great time of welcomes and reunions. Around 4PM I again left for the airport for two more C+ers. While waiting for them to be picked up, I managed to get turned around and miss the looping point in the airport. So, I wound up taking a long drive around the interstate to get back to where I needed to go. Thankfully, Siri was there to guide me back onto the road I had strayed from without her.

When I got to the farm house with the last two airport folks of the day, we had a delicious meal of chili, whit lightning chile, fritos and corncake. My brother started a small bonfire for everyone to gather around during supper, and it was a nice touch to the end of daylight on the first day. Our plumber friend also hooked up the hot water pipes to all the new bathrooms we added. Kinda important for a gathering of two dozen people.

The conclusion of supper brought us all together in the living room to have a initial meeting as a group. We went over various rules, mostly just one- “No Bleeding, breaking, or dying”. Simple right? We went over the plan for the week, and the change of schedule as the Arch was closed due to the Gov. shutdown.

Greetings and welcomes out of the way, the rest of the night was spent playing games like “Settlers of Catan” and other card games. At once point, I think the cup game was going on as well. Regardless, it was great to meet everyone for the first or second time. While incredibly hectic, God enabled my family and I to get ready in time for the group. Was it perfect? Nope. But it was ready for those coming, and that’s what counted.



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