You’ve Got a Week to Live.

If you knew you just had a week to live, would you change your lifestyle? Your habits? Your priorities? The way you treat people? Would you quit your job? Would you quit your school?

Have you heard that question before? I have. A lot. And in groups, I always hear similar responses. “I’d quit my job and be a missionary!” “I’d quit school because it isn’t eternal!” “I’d give away tons of money!”

I had a thought today regarding this and the responses…

If you answered yes, You’re doing life wrong.

Here’s what I mean, We are called to live each and every day as Christ would have us live it, knowing each could be our last. So if we change something based on our knowledge of death coming quickly, doesn’t that show we truly aren’t living our life 100% for Him?

Now I’ll admit, I would change some things, which shows I need to make some real life adjustments. Consider the question a challenge, not a judgement. Also consider the fact your job may be more important than you put stock in. Your schooling, while the information may not be so important, the diligence and character gained from it is. You can be a witness anywhere and everywhere in life. You are a missionary whenever you come into contact with a person.

The important thing is to live intentionally everyday with Christ in mind. I don’t get it perfect, I know you don’t as well. ;) Let’s strive to live each week like it is our last. Because you never know- it just may be.


3 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Week to Live.

  1. “If I knew I’d die tomorrow, I’d plant a tree today.”
    A statement I’ve heard that reflects what you’re saying… I was having this discussion with a friend awhile back and he used that to explain that if we feel the need to do something different, something quick and earthshattering, to prepare for death – we’re already living wrong.
    In other words. Good post. =)

  2. Thank you very much for your post. It’s true that when people hear that they immediately want to go skydiving, visit the Grand Canyon, or do something they’ve always wanted to do. But the more important part is reconciling yourself to a brother you may have offended, forgiving someone you’ve always had a grudge against, or make an apology you’ve been putting off. Those are the things that really matter and affect our character as a Christian. Very thought provoking, thank you!

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