Late Night Musings

I don’t normally just start typing, hoping for a useable post. But that’s what I’m doing tonight. We will see what happens.

It is really amazing what a day of rest will do to you. It reinvigorates, remotivates, and refreshes. If you don’t take a day off from the day to day grind, I highly recommend you do. I take mine on a Sunday, so I an go to church and spend time with family- as I make it the “Lord’s day” and rest in Him.

The thing about that rest is it really makes you feel prepared for the next week ahead. And it gets you out on a fresh step. Like tonight for instance, it was a difficult night at work, as I had the privilege of training two people in different areas of the restaurant. They did great, and it was fun. But it was also tiring and challenging. Rest helps us take on those trials so much better.

Seems like that is something we miss in American culture. The power of resting. God had it right when He said “Be still and know I am God.” So many times we forget the “Be still” part. And that results in us getting sick, tired, and irritable. American culture is always “Go! Go! Go!” Could that be part of why so many people at work and at home are always stressed and cranky?

I dunno, seems like one symptom to a greater issue. I mean, yeah, sleep, rest, etc is important. But what happens when we rely on those for our strength and peace? We get cranky and irritable without em. So what? Accept the cycle?

I’d say no. In our own strength we are pitifully weak. We are based on the outside conditions and circumstances. With Christ as our battery though, there is a huge difference. When I am dead tired at work, and I pull from myself, I do get testy and short. People notice too. But going to the back and saying a quick prayer asking for Christ’s strength… It does wonders, and I’m not joking.

So I don’t have a killer end thought or anything tonight, just a musing. Make sure and rest. And when you do, Rest in Christ.

And speaking of which, I should do the same.


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