The Path of my Degree: The Selection of the Major

It is really amazing how intimidating choosing a major is.

I am not surprised in the least hear over and over how people change majors two or even three times throughout the course of their studies. How they second guess themselves and how so many people put so much stock in what their piece of paper says they graduated with.

I was in that boat back when I was 17ish. I was fretting to and fro about what I should major in, how it would direct my career, and how I would be limiting my options by pursuing a specific major. In essence, I believed what most other people believe when pursuing their degree. That is-

The Major you get determines the career you’ll have the rest of your life.

Well, you may not have thought that. But I did. I kept putting the degree consultaion off and putting it off… until one day I was on a coaching call with my incredible college Coach provided through C+. Instead of talking about tests, schedules, and the like. He, myself, and my mom talked about my concerns in committing to a certain degree. Through that call, Mr. James Beeman taught me something quite invaluable.

Unless you are pursuing a specific field- like being a Doctor, lawyer, etc… Your degree subject is not that important. Employers care more about experience than specific degrees.

Now, I’ll admit- my first reaction was: “COOL! I’m quitting this college thing and going to jump into the workforce!” In reality, one doesn’t wind up “using” half their degree, as it is GenEd, a quarter is electives, then the rest is Core focus. Why should I waste my time in all of these tedious classes when I could get real world experience?!

Mr. Beeman wisely advised against that too. ;)

See, I learned when you get a degree, that tells employers you can commit to something and finish it. That you have show responsibility and discipline by working on classes and can handle everything that comes with college.  A degree is a piece of paper not saying what you learned, but demonstrates you can put your mind to a difficult task and accomplish it. The value lies not in “communications” “Management” etc… but the fact you worked hard and got the piece of paper. Getting a degree to “use” is like painting a picture to use. It took lots of hard work but in the end, you wind up displaying it and showing it off. It doesn’t matter the content of the picture, just the fact you did it.

Ultimately, Mr. Beeman recommended I choose a major where my passion lies. Where my dream job would be. I love business and the workings/ideas of it. That’s why I pursued a Business Administration degree. Not because it is going to seal my career into business, but because I loved the workings, ideas, and principles of the topic. Now if you can get real world experience and a degree, that is the ideal state. Not everyone has that privilege though. If I can pass on one piece of advice from what I have experienced it is this:

Don’t sweat the Major, because in reality (again, unless you have a very specific field)…. It is minor. Choose a topic you love, and commit to it with a passion. I know a guy who has a degree in Automotive Repair and now works for an investment company. A guy who has an education degree and is now working in the restaurant business. Another guy has a degree in Journalism, and is a machinist by trade. Degrees don’t seal your life’s destiny, they determine what you study for the next four years. I recommend choosing something you love to study. You’re spending money, time, and putting effort in this major. While the degree will affect your life, it will by no means determine the rest of it.

Why not enjoy it?


4 thoughts on “The Path of my Degree: The Selection of the Major

  1. Yes! For a long time, I felt like presented it was presented as “choose you this day what you shall do for the rest of your life”, :roll: . Ended up choosing a degree that is both within my interests and gives me flexibility since I have no idea what’s happening after graduation. ;)

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