The Path of my Degree: First Steps

This could get long.

And rambly.

And boring.

But let’s hope it isn’t, at least, if it is- please tell me. ;)

This series of posts will cover how I obtained a degree by the ripe old age of 20 years. It was done without debt, under $25,000, and all from the walls of my home. Save for the occasional braving the world to face a testing center. I did it through something called “Distance Learning”, CollegePlus, and a whole lot of prayer and self discipline.

First off, the “why?” That’s the first question I always get. “Why did you want to do college at home?” “Why did you not want to go to a campus?” Essentially, the question is:

Why do college differently?

Why indeed.

Well, I’ll be honest, for me it was simple. I didn’t want to be paying off student loans when I was 40 years old… I didn’t want the lecture based learning… I didn’t want to vault four years of my life into one thing called College. That method didn’t seem like a wise use of my time, and I felt I would be better able to serve the Lord doing College and (fill the blank) while remaining flexible.

Just so you guys know, I’m not saying Distance Learning is for everyone. In no way do I think that. This was about my personal conviction/decision.

So at age 16, I decided to start pursuing my degree through a service called CollegePlus. CollegePlus aids Students in the path to obtaining a degree through an online College. They also provide personal mentorship if so desired through their coaches. I heartily recommend them, as they provided me the means necessary to complete my degree.

So with a path laid, and a coach helping me along the way, I began to earn Gen-Ed credits through CLEP and DSST tests. I did a life purpose planning book to help me choose my degree. It didn’t help at all. I learned speed reading to whiz through giant textbooks. That was fun. Lastly, I took a advanced memory course… That wasn’t very helpful either.

While those things didn’t really help in terms of knowledge preparations, they taught me one thing- that commitment and perseverance were going to be necessary for this degree. That it wouldn’t be easy, nor something to take lightly. I had just one thing left before the long haul of 100+ Credits…

I had to choose my major. One of the most difficult decisions in my life.


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