5 Myths of Buying a Macbook Pro


I am a shameless advocate of purchasing Apple computers for one’s personal use. I’m not a fan boy, I don’t stand in line for the most recent released products, and I definitely recognize no computer is perfect. Including the Mac.

But for those who are in highschool, college, or want something reliable that works simply, yet efficiently… I cannot say enough how I believe a macbook pro is the perfect choice. When I do recommend these computers however, I usually get a negative response. I’ve found this is due to lack of knowledge regarding these computers, or a simple hating of Apple in general for some vague reason. While the second can’t be changed, the first can be resolved.

So, here is a list I’ve made (and explained) of 5 “Myths” people commonly believe about buying a Macbook Pro when I talk to them about these computers.

#1 Too expensive

Probably the first and largest outcry I hear against Macbooks, is that they are too expensive. If you buy new,I would agree that they most certainly are. However, you shouldn’t buy new, when you can get an excellent mac for thousands less, just a year or two behind. The great thing about MacBooks is they will last six plus years. Buying a 2010 model is a great route to go, and you can get those on ebay and craigslist for $500-$700.

Is it more work than just going to a store and buying a windows? Yup, it is, but if you are serious about spending money wisely, then buying a used, refurbished older Mac is by far the best option for those on a budget and want a computer that lasts.

#2 Incompatibility

Another popular myth I hear, is the one regarding incompatibility between going from Windows to Macintosh. While it is true, any program made to function on a windows won’t function on Mac OS, the majority of files people care about transfer without issue. I transferred years of Word Documents, Excel files, PDFs, Images, Movies, and more from my old windows. The only files which were incompatible were .wmv movies (fixed in five minutes with a google and a plug-in) and publisher files- which are still unreadable.

If you care about programs, read number 4. If you care about all your years of documents, the majority work fine on a Mac. The Apple Computers have upgraded immensely the past years in terms of compatibility. It is no longer an issue.

#3 Confusing Operating System (OS)

Any new operating system will take a while to learn. Unfortunately, most people grow up using the complex and messy windows interface. Mac OS is designed to be simple. Sometimes so much so I have seen people confused by how easy to use it is. A recent quote from a guy “It can’t be that easy. Really?

Anyone who spends an afternoon learning the Mac OS will have it down by supper time. Or at least by the time they are ready to go to bed. If you can use windows, Mac OS is a piece of cake comparatively.

#4 Can’t run Windows Stuff

Unless you want to play a lot of video games, and have some special windows only programs (ie Publisher) I would be confused as to why you would want to run this on your Mac. Nevertheless, you can easily setup a dual boot computer, where one part is designated for Apple OS, and the other Windows. It is incredibly simple to do. Mac even gives you an application to do so.

You can run windows stuff if you absolutely need to, but most software applications come in Mac OS now, so it truly is not absolutely necessary.

#5 Can’t Customize

This comes from more of the techy people, but I would say just look up “Terminal Mac” in google. Terminal gives you a window into changing anything you like in the operating system. With preferences included in every program you can control defaults, looks, colors, and more. Macs are indeed customizable on a code and application basis.

iPhones however, yeah, you got me there. ;)

So I hope that helps in dispelling some common myths about Macs and Apple computers in general. Do I think Mac is for every person on the planet? No I don’t. But they are great machines for any everyday user, and with the life span of these things, you’d be hard pressed to find better bang for your buck.

One thought on “5 Myths of Buying a Macbook Pro

  1. Another thought regarding the pricing issue;

    Upgrading from operating systems and purchasing Apple Software suites (iWork, iLife) is incredibly much more affordable as compared to their Window’s counterparts (upgrading your operating system? Windows $80-$150+ ish Mac? $20ish. Microsoft Office Home (no Access, just Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and Outlook Express) $270ish, iWork (Pages – Word and Publisher Combined, Keynote – Powerpoint, and Numbers -Excel (A very good Mail application comes standard) ) $70ish.

    So, factoring in Manufacturer Software will also affect the long-term cost effective nature of a Mac

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