Alien Apocalypse: We Are Not Alone

Illustration from HG Welles "War of the Worlds"
Illustration from HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds”

The is my second, long overdue, response to the American Apocalypse obsession. Aliens are a word and concept everyone knows about. If you’ve read any sci-fi, or watched any movies, you’ll know Aliens can look like us… Or look like something which we dream about in our nightmares.

Why do Americans, even many professing Christians I talk to, embrace the idea of life on other planets? Why do some people believe Aliens will be returning soon to harvest the life they have planted? What does scripture have to say about this? I hope to adequately adress all these questions in the course of this article.

What is an Alien?

Let’s start with a foundation. What do we mean by Alien? What constitutes life on other planets? When I talk about aliens, and when many others do as well, usually the context is of sentient life. Sentient life is that which knows right and wrong, which has and holds to morals. Life which possesses a soul. If such life existed  it would destroy the credibility of scripture as we know it.

What Difference Does This Make?

So why worry about this ideology and mindset? I hold to the belief sentient life as we know it, on other planets, (ie Aliens) is not supported with science, nor scripture. One common belief which incorporates evolution is a long time ago, advanced aliens planted bacteria here and created a soup for life to grow in. This started the evolutionary chain, and thus solving the issue “how did life begin on earth”.

This belief puts faith in an unknown interstellar race for our origins. This belief takes just as much faith, if not more, than believing the biblical account of creation as shown in Genesis. Genesis is the foundation for the purpose of Christ, the state of man, and the state of this universe. Remove, or twist Genesis, and you have removed the cornerstone of what Christians believe, and all hope for redemption and a perfect ending to this world. The idea Aliens live somewhere else, planted us here for an unknown reason, and will be coming back to destroy most of us when we finish our task, is hopeless and sad.

One common thread I see when talking to some people who quite honestly believe this worldview, is the incredible amount of faith, or rejection of God, they have. Evidence comes not from science, but from YouTube Videos, the History Channel speculatory  series called “Ancient Aliens“, and blogs. To base a life truth off of youtube videos and such, especially ones involving conspiracies and fallacies like this, is like putting faith in a dinghy to make it safely across the ocean. Tragically foolish and unfounded.

Responding with Grace

Faith in Aliens as our creator, redeemer, and destroyer is based upon a desire to reject God with something more real and tangible. Even if that thing is evil or brings destruction. A valid and common question asked by those who believe this is regarding the size of the universe. Something so large has to be filled with other life. Right? Why else would it be so huge? Why would God create something so vast for one species?

One thing which makes me disheartened in the common professing Christian is when these questions are asked, they are offended and say something to the effect “I have faith” or, they confess they have no idea and that there might be truth in what the other says. I see this especially in the area of Space and Aliens. With Star Wars, Star Trek, and other popular series, believing life could exist elsewhere isn’t so hard to do when you don’t think about it. But in the words of Bill Jack-

“Too often Christians today are not only soft headed, but they are also hard hearted.”

This is one worldview we as Christians have to engage the culture in a way which is intelligent, yet kind. Scripture defends itself in this area. I’ll be honest, nowhere does it say “Sentient Life does not exist save for earth.” However, it does say a lot about the reason of the universe and why it exists like it does. In a future article I will adress these points more directly, with verses and answers. I challenge you in the mean time, to look up answers for yourself. To ask those hard questions like “Is it really so wrong to believe Aliens exist?” And come up with passages pertaining to that topic.

I’ll close with this. Just like the Zombie worldview, this belief of Aliens leaves people ultimately, without hope for a better life now, or in the future. Christ provides that hope, and that is always where we must guide every conversation in these areas of topics. Aliens are just a cover people wear to keep themselves from waking up. Sometimes, covers need to be ripped off, so the person sleeping will start their day. In the same way, these worldviews need to be exposed for what they truly are.

That is, unfounded on speculation and rejection of the life of hope found in Jesus Christ.

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