The Choice.

It isn’t often I creatively write. It is hard for me. Every now and then I come up with a short story I consider worth sharing… I wrote this in about 15min, raw, and unedited. I call it- The Choice.


I awoke to the sounds of rain falling on my window. It was a cold, dreary day.

My favorite kind.

Rolling out of bed I looked at my clock.
And Cursed.
I was late to work. Again.

Hurridly I threw on my shop clothes and walked upstairs to the kitchen. My family was having bible study. I said good morning, grabbed a banana, and ran out the door.
My conscience pricked, but I ignored it.

Driving well above the speed limit, I hurriedly stopped at a light. As it turned green, I went without checking for the “last car”. He was late too, and was going to beat that light… He didn’t. I saw him to late.
A jerk. A bang. My world went dark.

I awoke.
It was raining outside, but I didn’t think about that. I knew I was late. I looked at the clock.
I was.
I took a longer time putting on my clothes, and went upstairs. I sat down, and joined my family for bible study. It was simple, just a chapter of Proverbs reading.

I hurried to the car, and drove to work. The light was closed, lights flashing. I saw a terrible accident.
The car was mine.
I was dead on the street.

I got to work, and got fired. I had arrived late one to many times.
Back home, angry that I choose to stay for the bible study, I lashed out at my youngest brother for the littlest things. Venoumos words spew from my mouth. I tell him he shouldn’t even be here, that I don’t want him here.
The next day he is gone. His clothes, his bed, his dresser.
Nobody knows who he is.
It is like he was never here.
My world goes dark.

I awoke.


Every Choice we make affects the rest of our lives. For better. Or for worse.

What choice will you make?


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