Self Defense… Part 2. ;)

It seems I have opened a pandora’s box of various opinions here, and in my G+ stream. Actually, people on both sides misunderstood me, which I found ironically humorous.

But mainly, I did not communicate clearly enough. (No surprise there ;) ) See, I realized re-reading through past comments it seems a crucial phrase was missed, and then, because that was missed…. The main point was missed. Let me quote it here for you.

“Self Defense” can mean many things on many levels. It can mean defending your life, or just protecting yourself from another giving you physical harm.When I speak of Self defense, I speak of using lethal force. “

As I contemplated all the responses, I figured I would go to one man I highly respect as a teacher and a Christian, and look to see what he said. Surprisingly to me, as so many people outcried against my post, he and I agreed on this issue.

That man, is John Piper. And here is the point which he so incredibly and concisely communicated, and which I failed to do so.  I hope after you watch this, and then re-read my post, you will more fully understand where I am coming from. :)


One thought on “Self Defense… Part 2. ;)

  1. I would just point out that all men are fallible. Including John Piper. Including me. In this I disagree with Mr. Piper. If we over emphasize one aspect of God we necessarily de-emphasize other aspects and we are left with an unbalanced god whom we represent accurately. (Hope you caught that.) I believe he is overemphasizing mercy in this instance not to mention the fact that he is basing his belief on anecdote rather than Scripture. Not saying he’s wrong because he didn’t give chapter and verse but the fact that he didn’t at the very least demands further investigation. I am eager to know how you think this plays out in practice. For instance, do you believe a Christian police officer should use lethal force?

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