Flashback: Poop in the Brownies

When I turned 13, the world of media opened up before me. I was allowed many freedoms I never had, and was given more opportunities to choose for myself in what I was going to indulge. I was allowed to choose what I desired to watch, listen to, or read. Granted, there were wise boundaries in place, with the folks having  the ultimate trump card. They allowed me to begin making decisions for myself, and suffering those consequences ( both good and bad), within a controlled environment.

I remember some time ago, I had just finished watching a movie (Lost in Space) and told my mom how great it was and there was just a little bad stuff, but that was OK, because it was just a little bit of sin. I’ll never forget what she said as she was cooking brownies…

“So, You’d like a little poop in these brownies, right?”

That phrase has stuck with me for five years now. And it has been a great way to converse with people who say “AW MAN! this movie is awesome. It just has a little bad part where you have to close your eyes, but that’s OK because the rest was so good. You should totally go see it!”

Justifying sin, whether it be in movies or media is never OK. I still do it sometimes, actually quite a bit. That one question however, has reminded me when we view a movie with sin, or commit an otherwise good act with a bit of bad, that it is never justified, acceptable, nor excusable in any sense.

And I bet you’ll never look at brownies the same way again either. ;)


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