Once, There Was a Tree…

The-Giving-Tree-boy-happyThus begins the words of a book I recently just picked up after five or so years. It is called “The Giving Tree”. We have young people in the house, and so I read this this book. I knew it was good from memory, but had forgotten how good it really was.

The story begins with a tree and a boy who do everything together. The trees loves the boy, but the boy grows up. He occasionally comes back, and asks for something, and every-time, the trees gives what she has to help him. The book is a perfect picture of true and selfless living and love. I have to say, it got me. This isn’t a kids book, the is an adult book in a kids cover. Every person should read this, because if they do, they will learn what true love is. Life isn’t about what you get, but what you give. The tree had this figured out from the start, because at the end, when she had nothing left, we read:

“And the tree was happy.”


2 thoughts on “Once, There Was a Tree…

  1. Absolutely love his poems! We own “Where the sidewalk ends” and “There’s a light in the attic” but giving tree is also a favorite of mine. Such good good childhood memories.

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