Cherry Pie Day in the Capitol

Illinois, The Land of Lincoln

Love em or hate em. Our representatives in the government do have difficult jobs. They also make laws as they see is beneficial to the community they represent. Some are corrupt, yes, but that is the fallen state of the world. We are called to pray for our senators, representatives, and all other people in the government, as it is indeed ordained by God. We read this in 2 Timothy 2. It is also known we are to submit to the authority of the government, as God has established it for His purpose. That can be found in Romans 13.

Yesterday day brought yet another tradition which we have here in Illinois. We call it Legislative Day, or more well know to the legislators… “Cherry Pie Day”. Why do they call it that? Well, because each year, the homeschoolers of Illinois bring hundreds of Cherry Pies to give to our representatives and senators. We do this not to ask anything of them nor to get an “in” where we can criticize their actions in office. Rather, this is done simply as a gesture of thanks for the service they give to our state and to let them know we are praying for them while they are in office.

A local mom wraps and packages a pie.

So for us, our day started at 5am, as we were blessed to be able to help in setup and preparation of the pies. We grabbed Starbucks. (Oh, their new Hazelnut macchiato is amazing. Try it the next time you go.) and started packaging pies for the many people who would be coming later in the day to deliver them to each legislator in the capitol.

We collected over 200 pies this year, which is the most ever in the history in this event. Incredibly, with just eight or so helpers at the pie table, we got them all ready to go when the time came. We went through a lot of ceram wrap, and a lot of ziplocks.

Senator Oberweis cracks a cherry pie joke in talking with IFI’s David Smith.

In addition to delivering pies to the senators, David Smith of the IFI made a speech regarding the state of the current political workings in the Illinois congress. Bills were brought up, and several representatives spoke on the topics of family values and their legislative responsibility.

Some of the group which attended to distribute Pies in the Capitol.


A Homeschool dad looks up his legislator’s office number.

After the talks were finished, it was time to deliver the pies. Each homeschooler who attended was given a senator which they were to deliver a pie.

There was even a table and refrence  database available should anyone desire to look up their own representatives.

Just one of the many loaded tables of fruity pastry deliciousness.

The day was long, the deliveries excellent, and the fellowship most enjoyable. While your state may not have a cherry pie day, I’d encourage you to take a minute and just call your representative and voice thanks and support. That one call or email will, I guarantee, leave a positive lasting effect on the man or woman who holds the office as legislator.

The power of thanks, through a single pie, is an incredible thing to behold.

Shout out to a friend who took about half of these pictures while I was working. Thanks much for the help!


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