Flashback: Don’t you have Social Problems?

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I thought I would post a funnier flashback from my Highschool days. Wow, that seems so long ago. Anyways, let’s talk some baseball.

Yep, that’s right, back in Highschool I played baseball in a competitive city league. I was horrible at offense… having a .181 batting average. (that is 18% for you non sports people) but I was a decent pitcher, and could play infield pretty well. I was homeschooled through highschool, so you know what that means… Stereotypes.

So, about three weeks into the season, the topic of schools came up. Which was weird to me, because it usually happens earlier. All the guys are going around telling what school they are in, making jokes and whatnot, when the Q comes to me. “Hey Austin, what school do you go to?” To which I replied “I don’t have to go to school, I am homeschooled.” Then the awkward silence ensued. If you have been homeschooled, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, well, let’s just say it is like the awkward guy who says he doesn’t follow sports, when all the other guys are talking about sports.

Then one dude, the catcher and jokester of the group asked

“Don’t you guys have social problems?” 

That’s what they tell me.” I replied, and the awkwardness was broken. It was so surprising, we had been playing together for three weeks and they hadn’t even noticed I was of homeschool education. Yet, when it was brought to their attention, immediately the stereotype took over for about 5 min.

Now, I am just as guilty as doing this with several types of people as well. So I can relate to people who stereotype based on education, a profession of faith, etc. Stereotypes exist for a reason, but they never should but the measure by which we determine who someone is. That measure should be made in spending time with them and truly determining who they are

4 thoughts on “Flashback: Don’t you have Social Problems?

  1. I used to say I was currently taking Conversation 101 and was working my way towards having a normal discussion, not just “Hello” and “Good-bye”. That typically broke the ice too. ;-)

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