The American Apocalypse Obsession

End of the World

A few months ago I went to a movie, and every single one of the previews were on a wordlwide apocalypse. Now, this got my attention. We know what hollywood produces is a prevalent focus in our culture. I personally will probably not be going to see those movies, nor do I have an interest to, because I know how the world will really end based upon the book of Revelation.

So I dismissed the thought for a few weeks until at work, a guy was seriously preparing for the Zombie apocalypse. You laugh? I did too. Until he showed me he was serious by producing a set of steel armor from his trunk. Then, it hit me.

Americans could quite possibly, actually, truly believe… A worldwide apocalypse is coming.

So what to do with this revelation. At first, honestly, I laughed it off. Because really, how bad can it be, someone believing in such folly. What I came to realize though, is when a person has a distorted view of how the world will end, that view spread to shape his worldview, which in turn, affects where he will spend in eternity. I realized this stuff isn’t funny, nor to be taken in jest. This is another example where the world has taken God’s perfect plan to end the world, and twisted it into a deprived and revolting mess of ideas.

I started reading up on the most prevalent theories of Apocalypses, so I could better understand and communicate in response to each flawed view. Then, provide scripture once the flaws have been established. I came up with these four.

1. The Zombie Apocalypse: This by far is the widest held view. That someday, something is going to turn us into zombies and mankind will be destroyed by the undead.

2. The Alien Apocalypse: Also known as Alien Invasion, Two theories are shown here. One, is a group will find us and make us slaves, eat us, etc. The other, is slightly more intellectually based. But not by much. This view holds we were planted by aliens, and they return to take us to their home, and destroy our world in the process.

3. The Asteroid Apocalypse: A view which holds one day, an asteroid will smash into the earth, and destroy the environment. Subviews hold some people will survive with radiation mutations, creating a new superhuman species. think X-men.

4. The Environmental Apocalypse: This view can be summed up in one word. Wall-e. This view holds the earth will become so overpopulated and polluted, we will die of poisoning or have to leave.

Each view, as you can see is profoundly different in the how and why, but the heart of each is the same: A lack of Divine intervention. In the course of the next four weeks, I am going to strive to make an in depth post regarding each of these topics. Complete with definitions, explanations, and my personal interpretations of scripture regarding that topic.

This won’t be eschatology, but rather, a breaking down of common views our culture holds regarding the issue of the end of the world, and how we as Christians, can be prepared to biblically respond to it.

2 thoughts on “The American Apocalypse Obsession

  1. I noticed that too, but it goes further than just movies. The dystopian genre is one of the most popular at this point. Books and movies are just a symptom of a prevailing hopelessness that things can’t stay the way they are and are going to get a lot worse, but maybe humanity can survive some how. It’s definitely an opportunity for Christians to shed a light on the subject.
    I look forward to reading your thoughts

  2. ‘Tis true. I read recently that a cultural obsession to zombies and aliens is, historically, a sign of cultural deterioration and looming economic disaster. When we don’t trust God is in control, the only other response is to live in fear. That’s exactly what we see today.

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