The Ramblingstone: 2.0

Hey Hey!

The radio silence is over! I have now transferred here, to wordpress, to continue my blog. It took a while to get everything formatted and setup as I like, because I am OCD like that. I am still finishing a few new things as well, like the bucket list and a more organized tagging system. Otherwise, I’ve got some exciting things planned for this updated blog… Would you like some teasers?

So, I’m going to be continuing movie reviews and flashbacks. I’ve built up quite a list in my lack of blogging, so I will be catching up on those. In addition, I don’t know if you have heard about the History channel’s “Bible” TV series, but I’m going to be writing some responses to that… Got some stuff about the cultural obsession of apocalypses… and some fun DIY stuff too.

So join and follow me in this refreshed blog! It is going to be a fun ride. :)


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