Movie Review: Last of the Mohicians

What would you do if you were the last of your family, your heritage, or your culture? Would you record it? Perhaps share with others? Or maybe try to save it?
Chingachgook and his son are the last of his tribe. Hawkeye, his adopted white son, also remains, but is not of indian blood. Together they face the perils of the french and indian war. They operate as a small group, standing up for the commoners in the face of British tyranny. In the course of doing so, they discover a plot to murder an entire family, as another indian, Maugwa, desires revenge for his people.
These three men take it upon themselves to defend this family.

Even it if will cost them their lives.

Things I liked
The three men who are the Last of the Mohicans have many admirable traits. In essence, they are true gentlemen. They treat women with respect and protect them. They are selfless, always sacrificing themselves for others. They stand up against the authority when the officers do not keep their word. They also communicate with wisdom and tact. Save for one example, the men were models worthy of respect.
All the settlers fighting for britain have their families as the main concern in their eye. Everything they do is to protect their families and make sure they are safe in this dangerous land. A few men in the film die protecting women they swore to defend or care about.

A certain quote stuck with me as well, in regards to one general surrendering to another.

Death and honor are thought to be the same, but today I have learned that sometimes they are not.

I appreciated the fact that, in the midst of this war and killings shown, value on human life was clearly established. That it was more honorable to save lives if possible, rather than sending everyone in your command to their deaths for a fort.

Things I didn’t like
There was quite a bit of violence, as the indians are out to destroy the british troops. The indian’s guerrilla type warfare was devastating against the british troops on the road. We see the devastation in full. Tomahawks fly, chop, and hack. Indians and soliders are shot point blank with rifles. Soliders are stabbed and then scalped. One indian cuts the heart out of a man and holds it above his head in victory. While blood and gore are minimal, the massacres are definitely something which will make you want to turn your head. I did anyway.

Cora and Hawkeye have an intense and intimate scene where they kiss for long periods of time. Definitely could have done without that.

We see a girl commit suicide. A man is burned at stake, and then shot to relieve his suffering. There is some cursing, but I do not recall hearing God’s name being used in vain.

Closing Thoughts

The Last of The Mohicans is not a story of an epic quest, an invincible hero, or even an ultimate goal. This movie is simply a story of the trials three men face trying to do good for the common people. Britain’s military is oppressive and laws relative to the situation at hand. These men choose to help others instead taking care of themselves. It is about little stories. Each with little thoughts to take and chew on should the discerning view desire.
Thoughts on submission to government, honor, sacrifice, equality of race and justification are all themes which the movie shows. Most biblically so, but some not so much.

If I have a complaint against the film as a whole, it would be the violence as the scalpings and ritualistic removal of an organ. Seeing that kind of massacres should be enough to turn anyone’s stomach sour. That, and the unneeded intimate scene between Hawkeye and Cora.

The heros exhibit many admirable biblical traits, and no so admirable in others. There are some touching scenes, and some gruesome ones as well. The value of this movie lies not in the story, but the interaction between the characters we can feel good rooting for. So while this film does not get a thumbs up, I’ll definitely tip my hat to it, because some of the messages are well worth remembering.

One thought on “Movie Review: Last of the Mohicians

  1. Austin, you hit the nail on the head in this review especially regarding "little stories" that stimulate thoughts on a variance of different themes. Great job.Even though I, personally, would give this film a thumbs up and a recommendation, I greatly enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

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