Flashbacks: The Power of Stories

We all have life stories.

Stories of joy, stories of suffering, and stories of lessons learned. The cool thing is, God uses these events in out lives to teach us things. To grow us in our character. And to strengthen our relationship with him.

I have found though, all to often we forget these events, which hurt us, and prevent us from teaching others what we have learned in life. Often we remember the lesson, but not the context. Thing is, people don’t remember lectures about why you shouldn’t do something….
   They remember stories, and the result of the actions which took place in that story. The lessons learned from life experiences stick with a person. Look at scripture, how did Christ teach? Through stories.

So I personally have been challenged to not only recall past stories, but to share and record them. I never have journaled, which is huge flaw on my part. But it is simply something I cannot do. These coming “Flashbacks” is an effort on my part to record past events of my life which taught me something. I do this not for my benefit, but for the benefit of my future family, and maybe you might learn something too. I’d also like to challenge you, what are your memorable flashbacks? What are events, people, times which are burned into your memory from experience?

I’ll be answering those questions in the future. I hope you will join me and do the same.


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