Star Trek TOS Phaser Project: The Color Scheme

There are many different types of Color schemes of Phasers in the Star Trek Original season. The first season was largely a work in progress as it was being made, so the consistency of props was nonexistent. The tricorders and communicators are varied as well… All of this is from reading, and opinions are going to vary because of the inconsistency of the prop making methods.

Because all the color schemes and combinations are “Screen Accurate”, this allows for a bit of flexibility in choosing my preferred color setup… So here are the more well known versions in the TV show.
First, the Black and White model. These are only found in the first eight TV shows to my knowledge. Some say the color was a cream or pearl… Something to consider. You can see why they *ahem* phased them out.

Rare Original screen used white phaser. They are rare because most were painted over.

What the color of the remaining handles were depends in the type of Phaser you are talking about. There is the Stunt/dummy model which is the cheapest of all the props, often not even colored. Then there is a AA model. These usually had a Black handle with a grey/blue color. Some say it was completely grey. My opinion is it was more of a slate color… This is most commonly seen prop. Some had gold grips, to based off the hero, but failed in the execution… Again, IMO. ;)

AA version prop. Note the lack of the metal conical tip

The last version, is of course the Hero Version (or AAA), which I will be basing my project off of. These got close ups and had functional parts such as raised sights. There are two opinions as to what the color of the Hero grips were, either Dark Bronze Metallic or a Charcoal Grey Metallic.
   The color of the body of the Phaser is a dark blue. No Metallic. Here are two Screen Captures… Both have the Metal Conical tips.

So, after the long and lengthy amount of research, I think I will be going with the dark Bronze handle and a dark blue Slate paint job.

Here are the paints I plan to use.
For the Pistol Body:
Santa Fe Blue.
And more to consider here:

For the Type 2 (smaller Phaser):
This color is tricky, because it is supposed to look dark grey in the light, and black in less light.
Engine Black:

For the Bronze Grip:
Rustoelum Dark Bronze Metallic:

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