Another Day, Another Story

Another day has come and gone, which is pretty cool, considering everything which was accomplished and learned.

I was able to get to work on my car today, FINALLY finished the sanding of primer. We’ll be shooting color in a few days! More importantly though, I talked with a guy about luck, and it was pretty interesting. The question posed on the radio was “do people make their own luck?”, and we talked about that question for a while. Does luck exist? Is God luck? Why are good people unlucky? are all questions we discussed. I was able to offer scripture to a great many number questions by the grace of God, and he in turn with more questions. Not only was it productive in terms of work, but also in terms of eternity.

Do you know how to make a telegraph? I do now. In history discussion, we decided to start off the new year with a . –  and gets some hands on stuff made. They worked after some finagling with the wires. Pretty cool they were! Here is a link should you desire to make one:

My bro and I got to go to a chick-fil-a that opened today! It was so fun. There were balloons, happy people, and the chick-fil-a cow (which was kinda creepy). What always amazes me about chickfila most is not the food, but the quality of service. The workers there set a standard which is so incredibly high and polite, it honestly challenges me to do the same where I work. A quality business is not just in the products they offer, but in the people they hire. Chickfila has figure that out, and as long as they keep up that service… I’ll keep giving em my money.

So, just another blessed day in the life of Austin. God is so good to us, and it floors me to fathom where that goodness comes from. :)

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