Only Three More To Go!

Today I passed a the biggest roadblock for finishing my Degree.

The Principles of Finance DSST. Back in August, I failed it with a 391. Passing is 400.

So, a few weeks ago, I attacked it again with a vengeance. So much studying on Cost of Debt, WAAC, CAMP, TVM, and more. To be honest though, I was super stressed about going in to take it this morning.

But by the Grace of God and hard work, I passed it with a 423!

That makes three tests left for completing the BSBA in General Management. Lord willing I’ll take Money and Banking next week. I’ve heard it is also a bugger of a test. Can’t be worse than finance though. I am almost sure of it. ;)

To celebrate the passing of the test, I went out to lunch with mom. It was great to just chat and catch up over a cheeseburger. Follow that up with a sunny afternoon drive… It was a very nice way to celebrate in my opinion. It is days like these I marvel at the sheer goodness of God. :)


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