What we did on New Year’s eve/New Year’s

Many of us have unique family traditions for New Year’s. We always spend it at home. We eat tons of junk, play board games, and watch movies. It is nice to just spend some time with family and reminisce on the past year.

Here is a pic of our spread. Bacon wrapped lil smokies… Cheesy Bacon Bites… Pigs in a blanket…toasted Ravioli… Quite nourishing for sure.

Out Root Beer on Ice. Literally.
The piece that strikes fear into every settler’s heart.
Settlers of Catan that is. Best game ever. I was orange, and I won. :)

So how did you spend your new year’s?

4 thoughts on “What we did on New Year’s eve/New Year’s

  1. We did a white elephant. Then I played Settlers of Catan too. But it was a pretty low key game because I was the only one who had ever played it before. Out of curiosity, have you ever played the extended version (knights and cities)? If so, how do you like it in relation to the original?

  2. That sounds fun. White elephants are always interesting, to say the least. :) i haven't played the extensions, mainly because the standard game we are still working on mastering. We have seafarers… still in the shrink wrap. ;P Maybe we should break it out and see how it is. :) Have you played that one?

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