It’s the Boring Things in Life

I did something today which I hadn’t done for a very long time. Months in fact.

I went to get groceries with my mom.

We took some of the little folks, but it really was enjoyable to just walk around collecting items for the new year’s eve party we will have at home. Walking and collecting food, I was reminded of a quote by Russel in “Up”

“My dad made it sound so easy. He’s really good at camping, and how to make fire from rocks and stuff. He used to come to all my sweat lodge meetings. And afterwards, we’d go get ice cream at Fenton’s. I always get chocolate and he gets butter brickle. Then we sit on this one curb right outside, and I’d count all the blue cars and he counts all the red ones, and whoever gets the most, wins.
I like that curb.
It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.”

That bit from UP could be one of the most profound scenes Pixar has made. We see Russel’s dad take an ordinary event. A “boy scout” gathering, and turn it into something special. It wasn’t big, frivolous, or expensive. It was, as Russel put it, boring. He didn’t like that curb because he got ice cream, because of the game he played, or even because he had gone to the sweat lodge meetings.

He remembered the boring stuff because of his dad. I think it shows it doesn’t really matter how you spend time with family or kids, but the fact you do spend time with them. That’s what makes the boring stuff memorable.

And in my personal opinion, that is something worth pursuing.


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