How my Christmas was spent

Kinda self-centered post, but I thought I’d share with you how my Christmas day went.

   Anyone with little siblings or kids knows that feeling of being drug out of bed early in the morning to open presents. I think you officially are old when you desire to get more sleep, and wait to open presents at a more reasonable hour. Regardless, we all were up quite early and opened presents in turn first thing in the morning. It was quite enjoyable to see mom and dad’s reactions when they discovered I got them gifts this year… We go in a circle, not a mad all at once dash. Makes for better pictures and more relaxing atmosphere. :)

   Then we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Not just any cinnamon rolls mind you, but homemade, scratch made, cooked to perfection cinnamon rolls with coffee icing. Delicious does not even begin to describe the flakey, gooey, sweet cinnamony goodness we indulged in this morning.

   Things took an unexpected turn after breakfast. We had family over to celebrate with us, and they needed a ride back to Tennessee. So, since a blizzard was blowing in, dad decided to take them back before lunch. I decided to ride with him… So I spent the rest of christmas in the car. Dad and I had some awesome conversations on the way back after dropping them off. It was different, but very fun to be able to just talk for four hours without distractions.

So overall, it was an excellent day. Spent time with family in the morning, then got to talk with dad in the car. It was relaxing for sure.

While I gave a few gifts to my siblings and parents, they gifted me with some pretty incredible stuff. Every year it seems we try to out do each other in giving the best gift…
They won this year.

That is a Nikon 1 V1. I did tons of research on compact cameras, wanting DSLR quality without the size of the camera or bulk of lenses, and this is the result. I played with this all day and have to say I am nothing short of amazed at the quality of pics this thing takes. As you can tell in these, my coolpix is dying, hence the subpar pics above. Sand got in it when we went to Australia… and it is on its last leg.
To say I was shocked when I received this, would be a huge understatement.
In addition, I also received these items… (taken with my new camera. :) Still trying to get the hang of it…)

Some of these gifts came from some good friends as well. Yes, that is a cookbook. And yes, I’m stoked about it. ;)
Every single movie Humphrey Bogart has starred in during his career. Plus, replicated movie posters! Those are going on the wall. 
I’ve wanted the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for a while now. Making this pizza is the first thing on my list. 

Now, I’ve told you how my day went… I’d love to hear about yours. :)


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