Turning a Normal Day into Something Abnormal

Ever have one of those days where you just have a nice, normal day in the midst of a crazy, abnormal life?

Yeah, me too.
That was today. :)

It was the standard routine of Go to work in the morning, Study all afternoon, and hang out with family in the evening.

But even a normal day… brings such abnormal occurrences. Praise God for that, because if everything did happen the same time after time… It would be a rather droll life.

For instance, at work, walk in like normal, tell my co-worker hey, and go sand on my car. Today though, I felt like I should go see how he was doing, call it a tug on my spirit. ;) So I asked him how he was doing, and turns out he had a really bad weekend. He is having issues with his wife, and needs a lot of prayer. The spirit really does lead when you listen, and it made a normal day at work a unique opportunity to minister to a fellow co-worker by listening and sharing scriptures as advice.

In studies, how can anything go abnormal in studies? I spent the majority of the day prepping for my final two DSSTs. Building outlines, collaborating resources, etc. Fairly standard. However, in the midst of planning for federal reserve effects on interest rates and values, I again felt a tug to go play with the little kids in the house. For some reason, I was listening a bit better than usual today. ;) So I took the little kids out and taught them how to throw a frisbee. It was so cool to see them try to learn what we consider a “simple” task.

I don’t want this post to look like a “Look at all the good stuff I did today” post, because “I” didn’t do any of that. Christ did it through me. If I hadn’t listened to the tug, I would have been selfish and worked on my car that extra 30 minutes, or gotten in an extra hour of studies.

I guess what I’m saying is even a normal day can be something special if you are open to Christ’s leading. I struggle with it everyday, and most of the time fail… but days like these, Christ helps me make choices not selfish, and the fruit is pretty cool.

So, I encourage you in those days of habits and schedules, make it something abnormally focused on Christ, instead of yourself, the results might surprise you.


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