Taking Comfort in… Motives?

I keep hearing on the news today more on the tragic shootings in Connecticut  I know it is not fun to dwell on, but there was one phrase repeated over and over that perked my curiosity and made me think.

“We do not yet know the killer’s motives, but will not rest until we have answers why this tragedy happened.”

Isn’t that a fascinating comment?
So many people today want to know why. “Why did he do what he did?” “It doesn’t make sense.” “It seems such a waste.” It is as if the why will provide the comfort people seek. As if knowing the man’s justification will somehow make it alright.

It brings to mind a quote from the movie “The Dark Knight”, regarding the motives of the sadistic killer “The Joker”.

I think Alfred hit upon a key idea in this small bit of dialogue regarding the condition of humanity. To often we think we can explain away depravity with a perceived motive. Because a motive is something which can be punished. Something which can be legislated. It makes sense out of something apparently senseless.
It provides man the illusion of control over the result of the crime, thereby making an illusion of safety.
That’s why these type of killings scare people so much. Because it shows the true condition of man’s heart, without any provocation or motives.  It shows humanity for what it truly is without Christ. A wicked, disgusting, and evil people. Of course, the scripture has answers for what happened. I mentioned a few days ago how all things work to God’s glory, and everything does. In addition, this verse comes to mind.
Jeremiah 17:9
“The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?”
We know this happened truly because of a heart issue. A heart which was turned upon self and not to God. What I find most tragic about this event and others like it, is this Truth is lost amidst the motives and earthly reasons for the crime. People miss the heart issue, which means it is just a matter of time before this happens again.  So we should pray the families and those affected find and take comfort in the Lord through this. Not through a legal explanation (and perhaps justification) of actions.
And to also say with humble thanksgiving to our Lord.
Save for the Grace of God go I.

One thought on “Taking Comfort in… Motives?

  1. My pastor discussed this before his sermon on Sunday… he said that everyone is looking for a reason and some ray of hope in this dark tragedy. The only hope is that those children are safe in the arms of God now and that the parents need to hear the Gospel through this… because that is the only hope in all of this… the Gospel. People naturally want to know the reason why, but, those who don't understand what it means to trust Christ and be filled with His perfect peace will never see the full picture. God does all things for a purpose and the "why" is because it is part of His plan and we can rest in that. Excellent thoughts, Austin. I rambled a bit in my comment, but I've been thinking about this a lot too lately. God bless!

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