Australia: Bruce Belcher’s Gator Tour

When I tell people we went to Australia, many of them quote the crocodile hunter, saying “Crikey!”. While we didn’t hear this expression in the Land Down Under, one thing we did see were some crocs.

To see the crocs in a safe and close up manner, we went to a place which offered crocodile tours. We rode on a small little boat, and began plugging upstream.

A ways down the river, this was the first croc we saw. It was a mama, and had a bunch of babies around her.
Can you see the little crocs?

This species of crocodile will actually protect their young for about 3 months. The biggest predators baby crocs have are birds of prey… and other crocodiles.

A baby Croc chillin’ in the water near the bank.

While this guy looks smaller in the picture, he is actually quite bigger than the mama croc. He is the dominate male of the territory in which we boated, and was about seven feet long. His name was Schute, as he lost one of his “dorsal” scales, which are called schutes.

Crocodiles don’t move very much.

For us anyway.

On the way back we went up the middle of the river. God blessed us once again with incredible weather. The water was much bluer away from the bank as well.

Walking back, I snapped some pics of the flora off the path. It was a very pretty little site, and it was fun to see some Australian Crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Until next week. ;)


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