Australia: The Three Sisters

Once upon a time, there were three sisters.
   These sisters were part of the tribe called Katoomba, which lived in the Jamison Valley. They had fallen in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe. However, both tribes were of the same element, so therefore, it was against tribal law for them to marry.
   The brothers, in their frustration of this law, and great love for the sisters, started a war between the two tribes. Doing so would allow them to steal the sisters, who desired to go with them, and live together in marriage.
   While the war was taking place, the sister’s father told the witchdoctor to take and hide them in the caves on the side of the hill until the bloodshed was over. Hiding them there, they would be protected. The witchdoctor however, took it upon himself to protect them further. He turned the three sisters into great and beautiful rock formations, so they could not be moved or destroyed.
   Sadly, the witchdoctor, who intended to release the sisters of the spell after the war, was killed the very next day while fighting one of the brothers who intended to steal the one of the sisters away. In doing so, he sealed forever the three sisters in their shapes of stone.
And here they stand to this day.
Believable story right? ;) Well, according many many legends and *ahem* websites… This tale is the most common as to how the rock formation below was made.

That formation is indeed called “The Three Sisters”.  We visited it while we were staying around sydney over the weekend. God again blessed us with a perfect day, even though it was supposed to rain.

While this beautiful formation was the main attraction in the Park, there was also a trail with 1000+ steps descending into the valley below…

The path started easily enough.

And then came the steps. We walked down steps…

And more steps…

Saw a nice little spring. :)

Climbed more steps…

We climbed down and up a total of 1500 something steps. That’s a lot, just sayin. It was a beautiful walk though. Awesome trees, birds, and rocks were everywhere. It was well worth the effort and exertion.

This was the last thing we saw before taking a train back up to the main building.

So that was the three sisters. Cool rocks and thousands of steps, what more could you ask for? ;)

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