Australia: Manly Beach

Here is another really fun thing we did while staying in Sydney.

We went to Manly Beach. This beach is known for it’s beautiful beaches, and for its scenic hikes. We saw the beaches, and attempted a hike… you’ll find out how that went in a minute. ;)

We came into Manly Beach on a ferry, and landed at this Warf. God gave us a beautiful day to enjoy. The sky was as blue as Romulan Ale, /startreckjoke/ the air crisp and fresh, and the weather a very nice 65 degrees.

Since we as a family are NOT morning people, we arrived around lunchtime. Food is quite important to us, so I had this restaurant already picked out from local recommendations. The name was “Fishmonger’s Fish and Chips on the Beach” or “Fishmonger’s” for short. ;)

We wound up getting the family package of fish and chips. This included some fish (duh), some prawns, calamari, chips (fries), potato cakes, and some raw oysters.
We passed on the oysters.
The food was amazing. I wish America had fish and chips like they do here…

After the awesome lunch on the coast, we strolled down to the beach. Here we played frisbee, looked for some shells… and all around had a great time.

An hour or so later, we dusted the sand off of our feet, and began walking.

Above is one of the lookout points you could go to and just watch the ocean. Those people are sitting on an unprotected cliff face, easily 100 feet straight down.
We stayed on the protected paths thank you very much. :P

Now, about the hiking…
Supposedly, there is a path that will take you in a nice big circle so you can see all the cool stuff in about 3 hours. The paths however… were not very well laid out. We spent the rest of the time walking in circles, through subdivisions, and work areas… just to try to find our way back to where we came. :D While it was frustrating… it was rather funny too.

When we finally made it back and headed to the warf, I saw this flower and snapped a pic… as usual… I don’t know what it is.

On the ferry ride back, the sun was going down, so it made excellent lighting for these things we saw…

A Patrol Boat
A sailboat
A Ferry just like the one on which we rode
A Mini-Lighthouse.
And the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

We got back after dark happy and tired.

I will leave you with this…


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