The big 2-0. Older, and hopefully wiser.

Since my birthday happened recently, I thought you guys might like to hear how it went and some thoughts…

Twenty sounds so much older then nineteen. This is probably because there isn’t any “teen” in the number. ;)

As I shared with some of my friends on that day, being twenty makes me feel so old in some ways. I can look back and remember graduating from highschool, all the trips I have been on, and watch my younger friends graduate. I have grown so much more too in my walk with the Lord, learning things through scripture, and in my walk with other christians. All this and so much more has resulted from a truly blessed and full life.
In other ways though, I am reminded just how young I am. How much I have to learn. Both academically and spiritually. I learn new things, and gain new wisdom everyday from the bible, my parents, and others with whom I associate.

So all ramblings aside, we did do some fun stuff on my birthday.

To start if off, I was able to walk to a local coffee shop and get a Hazelnut Latte. The Cafe was called “Rocksalt” and I loved it so much I went back everyday while we were still in Brighton. :)
The remainder of the morning was spent talking and spending time with my family. We had a great devotion time, played some games, and just hung out together. :)

Lunch consisted of an extremely tasty pizza, which we ordered from an italian restaurant on the corner. The crust really was amazing, and the toppings, perfect.
After that, I spent the rest of the afternoon studying, blogging, and playing with photoshop. We didn’t go anywhere, as we planned to go out for and early supper with dad.

Unfortunately, dad had some problems at work… (the computers decided they wanted extra one on one time, so they misbehaved. :P ;) ) So we wound up going to Rocksalt for supper as well. Can you tell I loved that cafe’? ;) We all had a great time over supper. Some of us tried new things, like Pumkin soup and seafood linguini, and others of us went back to comforting staples with a twist, like gourmet cheeseburgers. Everything was excellent and the time together quite fun.

To finish the day off in grand style, we all got Magnum Ice Cream bars for dessert. Then after dad got back to the apartment, watched Casablanca and the count of Monte Cristo.

It will be a day long remembered, and I feel so blessed in what God has done for me in my life so far, and look forward to serving Him in the years to come.

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