Australia: A Walk to the Brighton Bath Houses

Last week when we were in melbourne, we took an afternoon walk to a beach in Brighton. This beach housed some historic bath houses that were very well known in Australia.
Loving adventure…
Off we went.

Our walk took us through suburbs and city. These huge trees towered over everything in the suburbs. I bet they were some of the oldest trees in that area.

Also, I saw this really cool apartment complex. It looks like a futuristic castle. :)

This guy is doing a sport called “Kite Surfing”. Basically, the dude has a board to which he has attached his feet. Then, has a huge kite to catch the wind and pull him around on the water. Using a device hooked to his waist, he can control which way the kite pulls him. It was very entertaining to watch. I am going to see if I can take some lessons when we get to the golden coast.

And the Bath houses! There were over 80 of these houses, and each one completely different in paint jobs. Some were old, some new. Most of the houses are privately owned.

These three houses were built by the government a few years ago. They are going to be auctioned off to fund some public project. The government estimates the two houses they are auctioning will auction for more than $250,000,000. Craziness? I think so.

These next houses are just some of my favorites that we saw…

And just for good measure, one more group shot. :)

The last thing I saw that I thought was really neat, was this tree. I loved how it was so twisted and old looking. It reminded me of Gandalf’s Staff.

So that’s the Brighton Bath Houses! They were awesome to see, and we were blessed with an incredibly nice day.

Been doing a lot of sight seeing lately… So expect more in just a few days. :)

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